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Ðề tài: [PC] Limit Panic!

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    Default [PC] Limit Panic!

    Title: Limit Panic!
    Length: Short (2 - 10 hours)
    Developer: Vallel
    Publishers: Vallel, YA-Fansub
    Rating: 17+
    Language: Japanese
    Genre: Comedy, Shoujo Ai, Death of Protagonist, Lesbian Heroine, Yandere Heroine,High Amount of Bad Endings
    More info: vndb

    Limit Panic is a non explicit Yuri (genre) Visual Novel by Vallel. The player takes on the role of a female protagonist named Mana who is visiting a rich friend's house for the summer. However, there are a few problems: first of all, her little sister Kurumi comes along and she doesn't get along with the rich friend Kyouka; secondly, both Kurumi and Kyouka are insane and more than willing to Murder the Hypotenuse.






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    Default Re: [PC] Limit Panic!

    the link does not work you can fix it

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